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Wonderful Wednesday and The Versatile Blow Award!! May 2nd 2012.

What a difference a week makes hmm? This week is not raining crazily day in and day out. This week I am not living in a tiny hole of an apartment where stuff was everywhere and where we had so many problems: major water leaks, musquitos, a broken antenna, etc. This week I am not carrying a jacket and an umbrella every day. This week I am not having headaches and migraines. This week my head is not in the clouds.

This week the weather is hot sunny, humid even. This week we are moved in to a new, nice, shiny, beautiful, pretty spacious apartment full of natural light and a nice balcony. This week I am wearing dresses, sandals and ballet flats. This week I am shopping for house stuff. This week I am thinking happy thoughts. This week (on the weekend to be exact) I am celebrating a birthday or two (my birthday and my husband's). So these ARE ALL REASONS TO MAKE ME HAPPY, HOPEFUL AND READY TO KICK OFF SPRING ON A POSITIVE NOTE!! These are ALL REASONS THAT MAKE THIS WEDNESDAY - WONDERFU…

Purple Pencil Skirt and Ruffled Stripes.

................HI GIRLS................
How is your Wednesday going so far? What is the weather like in your parts of the world? What colors did you wear today? Well I am at work, on break and as I type this I have yet to take my lunch so I will keep it short. But the colors that are dominating my ensemble today (the color I am actually wearing today not the colors in this Outfit Post) are steel gray, wine & olive green. And yes, third day in a row I am wearing A DRESS!! JJJvvv Lilac, Sexy Pencil Skirt: London Girl Boutique. Black & White, Stripped, Button-Down, Ruffle Collar Shirt:The Limited. Soft Peach Pearl & Clear Beaded Drop Earrings:White House Black Market. Gold Pearl, Stretchy Bracelet: Express.  Gold/Diamond Wedding & Engagement Rings: from My Husband. Black, Leather, Skinny Belt:Banana Republic. Pointy-Toe, Classic, Patent Leather Black Pumps:Nine West.