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Dressy Valentine's Birthday 2015.

Last Thursday I shared with you two Casual Valentine's Look that I wore this year over V-Day Weekend. Today I am sharing what I wore on February 14th during the evening, when we went to a 2nd Birthday Celebration for Vivian's Friend Rei.
You got a sneak-peek of this outfit during my Valentine Recap where you can see more photos of Vivian and I during the Birthday Party. I ignored my Gorgeous Red Dotted Pencil Skirt from Bebe for far too long. I pulled it out of my closet and wanted to wear it sometime during Valentine's. I also pulled out this Pretty Silver (Metallic) High-neck Ruffled Blouse which had also been ignored for a long time and actually has only appeared on the blog, once before. I threw the two together on my bed, among another pile of neglected clothes and I loved how the two looked together so I paired them up. I actually wanted to wear a Dress to the Birthday Party but I am glad I wore a Skirt and Top instead since I almost always wear Dresses for Special Oc…