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Third Thursday Thoughts, December 2016.

The third Thursday of each month, I do a brain dump and write what is in my mind at the moment. Hard to believe this month is already half-way through and there are only two weeks left in 2016 till we welcome a brand new year. I still have plenty of Holiday Outfits and Dresses to show you this month. I still have some Wish Lists and some window shopping, for your pleasure and mine, but today I can't help but focus at what is around us. The latest news in Aleppo has affected me and I had to react to it, like any human being can. Seeing all those photos of children bleeding, with limps missing, hundreds dead, is disturbing and very sad to say the least. How do I protect my own child?! Why is there so much hate and senseless crimes happening every day?

Earlier tonight I shared a post on my Facebook in regards to this and I am re-posting it here on my blog. I am sorry if this is a little bit too deep and too sad and not normally what I post here but the world around me is a sad, bad p…