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Birthday Wishful Shopping from Express.

Birthday Wishful Shopping at Express.

My Birthday is a week from today on May 4th. I cannot believe it is already the end of April, for that matter. Anyway, in honor of My Birthday, I decided for fun to prepare some Wishful Birthday Shopping lists. So I went to one of my ultimate favorite stores - Express. I have been shopping at Express since my High School days, over a dozen years ago. Yes, some years they haven't been that great, but usually they are awesome about keeping up with the latest trends for the modern woman. I love their dresses and own at least 30 from them, both dressy and especially casual ones. I have a few Maxi Dresses too. I love their Pencil Skirts. I love their Jeans especially the Stella ones. But especially I love their Jewelry and their Button-down Shirts. I own way too many Button-downs from Express. The last few years the Portofino Shirt has been their best Shirt yet and they keep coming with new ones each year. OK, so again this huge list below is just window shopping or wishful shopping, but I certainly wouldn't object if any or all of these pieces made their way into my closet. LOL I separated it into 3 categories, starting with my favorite: Shoes.

Shoes and Handbags.
I know Express added shoes to their lineup a few years ago, but the last couple of years they have totally stepped up their game. And I always find that they carry cute purses and adorable clutches. Narrowing it down to these 10 pairs of Shoes and 5 Handbags was difficult. But ultimately if I had to buy just about half of these pieces, I would go for the Camel+Black Ankle-Strap Wedges, the Tan Booties, the Silver+Black Sculpture Clutch, the Yellow Razor-Cut Flats, the Leopard Wedges, the Green Over-the-Shoulder Bag, The White+Silver Quilted Flats and the Tan+White Sandals with the Thick Heel.Express Wishful Shopping: Shoes & Bags.
Item Details:
Express high heel booties
Express strappy wedge sandals
Express cognac shoes
Express white high heel sandals
Express black wedge shoes
Express ankle strap sandals
Express metallic flat
Express metallic flat
Express yellow flat shoes
Express pointed ballet flat
Express pointed toe flat shoes
Express imitation purse
Express sequin purse
Express green handbag
Express hologram purse
Express Pleated Mini Wristlet

Jewelry and Accessories.
As always Express' Jewelry and Accessories are Beautiful. And their Scarves are so nice, too. I own so many Scarves from them. I would really want to add all of these 3; the Sequined Rose Gold one and the Cream one with the pom-poms are way too adorable. The Fuchsia Rose Crown is unique and fun. Maybe I would try it on my head, maybe as a necklace. The Floppy Hat is in a classic shape and colors. As far as the Jewelry I went for some Colorful Studs (I am so much attracted to studs in different stones and colors, lately), some Dainty Bracelets, as well as some bold pieces like the Mixed-Metal Statement Necklace & Bracelet, The Chandelier Earrings (so stunning - I want them), as well as the Turquoise Tassel Bracelet which I love. The 2 pairs of Sunglasses remind me of Ray Bans for much cheaper. They look nicely-made too.Express Wishful Shopping: Accessories.
Item Details:
Express chunky necklace
Express magnetic bracelet
Express beaded earrings
Express red jewelry
Express band ring
Express beaded jewellery
Express drop earrings
Express button earrings
Express charm jewelry
Express charm bracelet
Express red bracelet
Express anklet charm
Express scarve
Express sparkly scarve
Express floppy hat
Express metallic scarve
Express aviator sunglasses
Express square glasses
Express flower crown headband
Express stretch headband

This was by far the hardest category for me to choose just 15 pieces. But ultimately I think I chose right because ALL of these pieces would fit right into my closet and fill some holes. First of all some Awesome Button-downs. I definitely want to add to my Portofino Collection (I already own 3 Long-sleeve ones in Solids and 2 Sleeveless ones in Solids). I chose a Minty-Teal Long-Sleeve one because it is a color I don't own much of; a Navy Plaid one to fulfill my love for Plaid and my closet definitely needs more Plaid; an Ivory+Royal Blue Striped Sleeveless one as well as a Black+White Polka Dot Sleeveless one - these would be perfect to layer with, to wear with Blazers and Cardigans for work tucked into Skirts or Pants, and I need more Prints. I also added a Buffalo Checkered Shirt in Red+Black (exactly the type of Plaid Shirt I am looking for) and a Dark Blue Oxford that Express is known for. To round up my Tops, I chose a Cropped Top in Black+White. I want to try this trend with one of my Midi Full Skirts (I own several ones from Express) and I figured you can't go wrong with B+W Stripes and a Royal Blue Tunic which would be perfect for me as a Leggings Lover and can double as a Swimsuit Cover-up. For Dresses I chose an Anchor Tank Dress to satisfy my Nautical preference and is also a great piece for Casual Summer Days; a Strapless Floral Dress since I need more Floral and I can totally dress this up or down or even for work; a Lavender Romper because I Love Express Rompers and own a couple already, but nothing quite as Dressy & Girly; and a Trapezoid B+W Striped Dress because it is Flowy and Pretty, like nothing I own and because I wanted another Striped B+W Dress. For bottoms I chose some Dark Skinny Cropped Jeans which are currently missing from my closet; some Coral Shorts since I want some Shorts in this Color and this pair is perfect; and a Tiger Print Mini Skirt because I love anything with Leopard or Tiger Print. This Skirt is so Bold but I'd totally wear it, and it rounds up my Perfect 15 Pieces of Clothing currently from Express.
Express Wishful Shopping - Clothes.
Item Details:
Express black circle skirt
Express stripe dress
Express navy blue top
Express long shirt
Express three quarter sleeve top
Checkered shirt
Express striped top
Express blue striped shirt
Express black sleeveless shirt
Express legging
Express short romper
Express crop top
Express torn shorts
Express short mini skirt

Again, this is a real long list but it is called Wishful Shopping for a reason. My next list will include some loved-pieces by another Favorite Store of mine.
Have a Great Sunday and an Awesome start to your Week! Thank you for reading!

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