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Red and Navy Floral Beauty.

Guys, I have been feeling like shit, lately. Sorry, to start this post as a Debbie Downer, by the way. So, I was sick like 2-2.5 weeks ago, it went gradually from sneezing to coughing, to coughing harder, to more runny nose business, sore throat and even fever 3 days later. I was able to fight it without any meds. But our weather has been freezing early mornings and evenings and it can get between 40-45 degrees during the day and when the sun is shining, it feels warmer. So yeah, the last couple of days I have been feeling under the weather too. Between the feeling sick and working full-time each week (I am always super busy) and of course the daytime light savings time switch, taking photos and blog-posting has definitely taken a back-seat. What makes it worse is that the last few days, my face has been breaking out lately. I am talking pimples, zits and such and of course it doesn't make me want to go near a camera. This is not the norm for me (one or two of these may be cold so…