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Geo-Print Midi Skirt and Green T-Shirt.

In honor of two years of Thursday Moda and in honor of Saint Patrick's day coming in 5 days, I pulled out today's outfit from the archives because it is a good one and I am wearing lots of green!What do you think of today's outfit as an option to wear for Saint Patrick's day, to work? I am sharing today's look because again A] I have been busy and I haven't photographed or worn many outfits wearing green (one of my favorite colors to wear, by the way); B] this is one of my very first Thursday Moda posts from 2 years ago when I started my fun style linkup and 3] I figured since it is a cute dressy work look (just like my most recent Saint Patrick's Day, Work Dress which you all loved) and at least half of new are now new readers+followers to my blog, I figured I'd pull this outfit from the archives and re-post it.
GEO-PRINT  MIDI  SKIRT  AND  GREEN  T-SHIRT. (Hey, that rhymed!!) I have had this Silk Shantung Geo-Print Navy/Teal/Aqua/Black Midi Skirt from Ex…