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Autumn - Poetry.

I don't even need "to explain' the poem below. I don't even have to title it, really. If you read it, you will know that I am talking about Fall. It is my favorite season and especially my most favorite season in Michigan where I reside. If you love Fall or Autumn as much as I do, you should visit Michigan during Fall. It is breathtaking. Pictures, poems like mine or articles you might have read about it don't do it justice! 

I hope you like this little poem today, let me know. =)

AUTUMN. [October 22nd 1.00 PM.]
A leaf or twelve... one green, one yellow, one orange, one teal, one red, one rusty... a mountain of leaves in different shapes... a heart, a palm, a classic, a pear, a triangle, a flowery one, a beautiful foliage of burgundy shades, bright, warm, cozy, neutral and rich Autumn colors, so pretty - like a picture, so grand - like the tip of a mountain...
Trees undressed and under-dressed, some feel cold and some are shaky, some tall and skinny with the wind blowing t…