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Magenta with touches of Leopard for a Polished Dinner with Friends.

This is my second Outfit this week featuring a Fuchsia/Magenta Skirt. They are both above-the-knee, Pencil Silhouette Skirts. They are both from The Limited, albeit one from 1999 and the other from 2011. Check out Skirt #1.

I wore this Outfit for a Dinner Night Out with a couple of Girlfriends. We went to Fridays. Vivian was so good the whole time and of course they fell in love with her. Last time I wore this Pencil Skirt, I went for an all Pink Outfit with touches of White. This time I dressed this Skirt totally different pairing Silk Leopard & Black with it. =) I know Black is a Neutral but I am feeling more & more like Leopard is a Neutral too. A Bold Neutral, one that makes a Statement but a Neutral nevertheless. This Shell is Sleeveless, so I needed something for my arms since it was a little chilly. This Open Cardigan is a really light Cotton one with the tie Belt.  All the clothes are from The Limited. I am like a walking Ad for them - it happens all the time LOL. To b…