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Mild Pastels in Pink and Lime.

So it is raining (a lot) for the 4th or 5th day in a row. However it is a little warmer than yesterday. I did get to wear a dress today, not the one I had planned on wearing yesterday, but a dress nevertheless. An outfit I literally threw together in less than a minute but on which I already got 2 compliments this morning. And to tell you the truth I was warmer in my light dress today, worn with thick wool-blend tights & knee-high boots, than I was in my pants yesterday or jeans the day before. You will get to see this outfit, once I am updated with the last several days' outfits. But I figured it's fine since in January - the month I give birth - I will be mostly home in pajamas so there will be several outfits left over to show you, then, too. Plus I plan on taking some Guest Bloggers, sporadically for late January through February, I am looking for let's say 12-16 bloggers. Mine is mostly a Fashion blog but you could blog about anything you like. If you are interest…