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Monochromatic Purple.

Hello all and Happy Wednesday!! It's the middle of the week once again, wow time flies. I have had three quite busy work-days so far. I think it won't be as busy from now on, the rest of this week. I get to Skype with my mom, brother and first cousin (who is like a little sister to me), later today, so that's exciting. I haven't skyped in soooo long. I miss their faces very much. =(

For today's OOTD I happen to have a Monochromatic Look which very well corresponds to Every Body's Every Wear Monochromatic Week I am linking it to. I purchased these pants early in June, with the attention of wearing them a lot this summer. I got them one size bigger due to the possible belly-growing. However this is only the second time I have worn them all summer. I love them but it has been too hot for pants around here, even-though these are real light, breezy and ankle-length. I also wore this shirt recently with another pastel look I did some days earlier. =) I really love the…