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Thursday Moda #91: Plaid Mini Skirts and French Berets.

Good morning ladies. Oh I have got two very fun outfits for you today and they have two things in common: Plaid Mini Skirts and French Berets. Don't you see the French vibes here?! Actually I wore the first outfit (with the Fun Bird Sweater) this Tuesday when our temps were as high as 62 degrees - hence the bare legs. I got a lot of compliments on this look from co-workers, strangers and even some of you who saw peaks of this outfit on my Instagram - those of you who don't follow me, you should =P. I took the opportunity and seized the moment as far as the nice warm sunny weather goes and I decided to shoot a little dressier, different pattern-mixed Red+Navy Outfit for you. But I kept several elements the same for both looks: plaid mini skirts, bright handbags, beret hats and French vibes. 
So which of these two outfits is your favorite?! I think I like the one with the Who What Wear Asymmetric Wrap Skirt (the first outfit) slightly more.

THE  PLAID  MINI  SKIRTS. The Gray Classi…