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Saturday is for Vivian - 8 Months Update.

Today, on October 19th, My Sweet Baby Girl Vivian turns 9 months old. That is the same amount of time/number of months, she grew inside my belly. But I will tell you what: the 9 months of pregnancy looked a lot longer than the 9 months that she has lived so far.  Time sure flies. This little pumpkin is growing like a weed and she never stands still. Once again I am behind with her monthly updates. But better late than never. To read all about Vivian look under My Baby's Story Labels to see each monthly update. Thank you for reading this and enjoy all the pictures of Baby Cuteness!
This month marked Vivian's 3rd Birthday that she celebrates in Michigan. Her Cake was "Pretty in Pink (Roses)". Two weeks after getting her very first tooth in, on September 9th Vivian got her second tooth, next to her first tooth on the bottom. The entire month of September, Vivian was trying to crawl and walk with her hands & legs. She was finally 100% successful on September 28th. It …