Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - 8 Months Update.

Today, on October 19th, My Sweet Baby Girl Vivian turns 9 months old. That is the same amount of time/number of months, she grew inside my belly. But I will tell you what: the 9 months of pregnancy looked a lot longer than the 9 months that she has lived so far.  Time sure flies. This little pumpkin is growing like a weed and she never stands still. Once again I am behind with her monthly updates. But better late than never. To read all about Vivian look under My Baby's Story Labels to see each monthly update. Thank you for reading this and enjoy all the pictures of Baby Cuteness!

This month marked Vivian's 3rd Birthday that she celebrates in Michigan. Her Cake was "Pretty in Pink (Roses)". Two weeks after getting her very first tooth in, on September 9th Vivian got her second tooth, next to her first tooth on the bottom. The entire month of September, Vivian was trying to crawl and walk with her hands & legs. She was finally 100% successful on September 28th. It happened during a Family Dinner that my Grant Aunt had invited us to. And speaking of that dinner, Vivian was sooo good, even-though we spend a good 4-5 hours there. Her cousins (2 teenage boys & a teenage girl) loved her so much, played with her, held her. She never cried, though she got tired. And my little pistol (who sleeps very little) only slept about 20 minutes the entire time. 

The month of September, in honor of Vivian, my parents threw a Dinner for her on September 7th. Unfortunately they will be far away from her when she celebrates her 1st Birthday (only 3 months away - I cannot believe it), so they wanted to do something special for the both of us during our stay in the States. All of our family members in Michigan, as well as some close friends of my family, attended. We even had some guests come from Toronto, Canada. Once again, Vivian was so well-behaved. She was playful, cheerful and friendly with everyone. She was showered with lots of love and lots of gifts (and I was, too). We are so lucky to be part of such a loving, blessed, generous, kind, beautiful family.

At 8 months old Vivian is as feisty & as energetic as ever. I tell you she never stands still. Even changing her diaper is a challenge. She is always moving. Sometims toys or stuffed animals don't entertain her anymore. I have to show her a new object each time. She is loving remotes & phones these last couple of months. She likes sounds & noises a lot at the moment so if she can actually hear a sound or dial-signal from the phone, even better. We actually bought her a toy remote/phone she can play with. It sings the entire alphabet and has about 15 children's songs, animal sounds and such. But, she still prefers the real remote. She changes it on her own and even almost ordered a movie on demand, on accident. It was too funny. Her sleep is all over the place. If I could complain about anything would be the quantity of hours she sleeps. Her night sleep is usually between 6-8 hours, very rarely 9, but she wakes up a lot (crying) while at night. I don't know why. Usually holding her for a few minutes, sometimes rocking her and usually breast-feeding her does the trick but still. I wish she could sleep better. She slept well at night for a while, when she as 6 months old, but that only lasted about a month. Also, she doesn't take many naps during the day and when she does they are usually 20-45 minutes, sometimes an hour to two hours but not often. She is not the best eater either but she does love her yogurt, especially banana-flavored. And when she is hungry, she eats everything - she is not too picky. She does good with vegetables, fruits, home-made veggies+chicken soup and even chicken and beef, she doesn't like turkey too much though. Despite the lack of sleep and not eating good all the time, she is doing very well and during her September doctor's appointment she measured in at about 75-76% in both height & weight, which is very normal. If you moms have any tips & tricks on how to put a 9-month old baby to sleep and make her sleep, please do share them. Thank you. I appreciate it a lot.

It has been 8 months already and wow so many changes. The older she gets, the more she changes. She changes in her behavior, in her actions (she gets more active every day), but also in appearance. Her hair has gotten so much longer and I put it in a ponytail or two sometimes. She has gotten taller, too. She learns something new every day. At the same time she teaches me something new every day. I am so happy & blessed to be the Mom of this Sweet Little Girl. She is just so Beautiful and Friendly. She is so Loving. She seriously doesn't cry with anyone who holds her. She is the Reason behind my biggest Happiness and she is the person my parents & brother look forward to cuddling, playing with & kissing every day. We all love her very, very much.
Her 8-month Birthday Stuffed Toy is a Pink Frog with Red Hearts. Hearts - besides being cute & Girly - are one of the current trends in Fashion. Grandma (my mom) bought this for her. And once again, mommy Approves LOL!
Vivian's Outfits:
Navy+White, Nautical-Inspired, Fancy Dress w/ White Roses: A Children's Boutique (in Albania).
White Lace Headband w/ Tiny Rosette: Wal Mart.
Navy Mary Jane Ballet Flats w/ White Polka Dots & Yellow Bows: E-Bay (Gifted).

Bright Pink, Sleeveless, Velvet Dress w/ Embroided Bunny: Gifted (comes from France).
Long-Sleeve, White Onesie: Vitamin Baby.
Baby Pink, Cotton-Stretch Headband w/ Big Ivory Flower: Wal Mart.
Coral+Yellow, Polka Dot, Dragonfly Pin: Etos
White+Navy, Mary Jane Socks: Wal Mart.

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