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Dinner Date Appropriate.

Sometimes I don't have time for a full-on shoot of the outfit I am currently wearing, so I snap some selfies with my cell-phone and call it a day. I am guessing I am not alone, right?! You, as a blogger do this too?! Sometimes those selfies turn out amazing and other times they are blurry, not the best, etc. Unfortunately I 1] Didn't have time for a photo-shoot the evening I wore this cute outfit and 2] The few selfies I took with my Samsung Galaxy phone didn't turn out great at all (and I apologize in advance about that). I think the lens of my phone was dirty, in all honesty. But, this outfit was too cute not to photograph and the dinner I ended up eating was too yummy and too pretty not to photograph. On top of that, though you can't tell very well, my makeup and hair was on point! So I am being a bad blogger, sharing horrible not-Instagram-worthy photos, but keeping it real and being myself nevertheless. I will be sharing a little selfie video of this outfit on my 

Be Charmed! - Poetry.

BE  CHARMED! [7.30 A.M. May 20th 2019.]

We are so blessed to live the life we do, follow our paths where they lead us to, live our lives and make our choices, filled with joy, hope and a spark in our eyes!
We are so blessed to see the sun greet us every morning and pour that hot cup of coffee or tea, as we do that someone woke up on the side of a street freezing, a pour soul mourned someone dear to them who OD-ed!
We are so blessed to conquer each and every storm, raise up from the ashes when the world around us is so cold, hug and kiss the people in our lives who matter the most, bless their lives like they have blessed our hearts!
As we go on each and every day let's keep our faces smiling like a sun ray, hide your fears and despair through happy eyes, fake it till you make it in this world full of spies!
Be happy for yourself and have faith in you, if you don't believe in yourself, no one will do, throw away the misgivings and every disbelief,  find the beauty around you and be charmed!
Believe …