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Thursday Moda #166: To Hope and to Live - A Little Reflection.

Thank you so much to everyone that made my Blog Birthday Party a success. I am so happy that 29 ladies participated. It was great! I get so creative and philosophical when I turn a year older, when I just had/celebrated a birthday, so my creative juices get flowing. I wrote the little prose below as a little life reflection and I absolutely love it. I hope you do as well. Read on!!

TO  HOPE  AND  TO  LIVE - A Little Reflection on My Life. 
(In Honor of my Birthday, as I turned another year older.)
As if the day strings each minute by a thread that threads into an hour, 60 full minutes. As if the night sprinkles each star by a galaxy, creating a multitude of galaxies. As if a motion causes a thrill, a joyful ride, a roller-coaster, an upside down journey. As if a sentiment is written down on a piece of paper, then crumbled and torn. So many sentiments and feelings written and unwritten, spoken and unspoken, heard and unheard, one by one. Just like that, each second forms a minute, minute …