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Wonderful Wednesday!! May 9th 2012.

Hello Chicas and Happy Europe's Day. Today May 9th is considered the Global Day for Europe. I was born in this continent and I currently live here (in Europe, right at the heart of the Mediterranean), so of course this 'holiday' makes me happy about my roots and upbringing. Though I ABSOLUTELY LOVE USA. I spent 15 awesome, good years in America and I have some of my life's best memories from that country. Today is "the official" Mothers' Day too. The first Mothers Day was on May 9th. It must have fallen on a Sunday since now the second Sunday of every May is considered to be Mothers' Day, at least by American standards. Anyways, below you have some reasons that make this Wednesday Wonderful.

* I had a simple, laid-back Birthday, last Friday on May 4th. That is exactly what I wanted. Traditionally in Albania we treat co-workers, friends and family to sweets (desserts) on our birthdays so I did just that. They gave me a gorgeous flower arrangement that …