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Trench Thursday.

Counting today, there are only four days left in August, FOUR. It seemed like August just started yesterday. Every year it feels like each Summer goes by faster and this year is no exception. It starts slower in June, speeds up in July and then August is kaboom - it is gone in the blink of an eye. Am I alone in thinking this? So yeah, in less than a month Fall/Autumn officially starts. But folks, it is between high 80s to low 90s here, definitely in the midst of Summer, weather-wise.

Before Summer is kaput, I wanted to wear some more Dresses, especially ones I have ignored for a long time, so just like yesterday, my Yellow Trench Dress today hadn't been worn since last year, from last Easter to be exact. Trench Dresses (sister to Shirt Dresses) are very in right now. But really styles get recycled often, because I purchased this Armani Exchange Beauty in the Summer of 2009. I have worn it only about half a dozen of times unfortunately, as much as I love it. Finally I re-wore it, j…