Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Thursday Moda #94: Merry Christmas from 3 Friends!!

Hello ladies. Happy Thursday and welcome to a very special edition of Thursday Moda. It is very special for two reasons. It is the one right before Christmas - my favorite holiday. And most importantly, it is special because I am co-hosting it with two very special friends. These ladies are both so sweet, they are very dear to me and they are also quite stylish and beautiful inside out, so make sure you follow their blogs and Instagram accounts. Over the last 8-9 months or so, I have become great friends with both KELLYANN from This Blonde's Shopping Blog who blogs from Florida, a mother to two teenage boys who works in education and of course with CHRISSY from Granola and Grace who blogs from Georgia and is a stay-at-home mamma to four boys, two of which are twins. These two fabulous ladies have a lot in common with each-other, though their style is different. But I am so happy they are my co-hosts today. When I went on Summer vacation in August, they co-hosted Thursday Moda together (instead of me) along KRISTIN from Countdown to Friday who is my co-host next week. All these beautiful blogging friends of mine were also part of "The Holiday Series". You can check out their latest posts from this series featuring their Christmas day outfits Kellyann's here and Chrissy's here. There is no theme to our outfits today but they represent us and they are festive for December. I noticed one thing we have in common today though: our gorgeous, kick-ass shoes. Kellyann's comfortable block heel sandals have studs, Chrissy has on some amazing combat boots and my suede feather lace-up red heels are fierce and hot!

If you have an office holiday party this year, you can wear an outfit like mine. It has all the festive elements of the holidays: silver, red, fun stilettos, sparkles, velvet and tassel earrings. My Bright Red Cropped Dressy Pants are the 'Harper' style by Old Navy and I have had them for about a year. I own them in a muted blush coral and in a print too. The top is new from Mossimo via Target (I know you are shocked lol). I love the double ruffle sleeve. The flutters are perfectly girly and festive! My Champagne-Colored Long Crystal Tassel Earrings were perfect to accessorize with. I also mixed a few Crystal Bracelets and a Pave Crystal Cocktail Ring. Since my clutch and shoes are red (and I mixed textures by the way, between the patent leather and genuine suede), I didn't go for a red lip. I chose a color that is between a magenta, a mauve and a plum (this one in "Blushing Berry" and it is 5 bucks!!). As much as I love some heels for a holiday party or fancy event, if the heels are very high and skinny, they are usually not comfortable. You can walk with them for a little bit, maybe even dance for a few minutes but then your feet will kill you. As much as I love these hot red lace-up stilettos they are definitely what I would call "sitting shoes". I always suggest that for a fancy event you bring some comfortable flats like ballet flats, oxford shoes or even a pair of stylish sneakers (not the running or gym kind lol). The sneakers especially are a great idea because athleisure is a great look nowadays. But yeah I love how this outfit turned out, what about you?!

Here is a closeup of our outfits side by side. We all chose pretty jewelry to accessorize and dress up with. I want all of Kellyann's jewelry, especially the necklace and earrings. And when you have a smile like Chrissy, you don't need much adornment. Love her dark Bourdeaux lip color, though.

Last week the glam and glitz, sequins, sparkle and velvet were in full force as you will see from my favorites. So many great Holiday Looks. My favorites are all beautifully-dressed for the holidays, all different in their ways. I saw a lot of pumps and stilettos too. As far as my favorites, we have a new face and 4 returning fashionistas we hand't seen on Thursday Moda, in a while. Enjoy!!
'Bring On Party Season in Style' which is exactly what Claire did. The metallic teal wrap dress gets topped off with a pasteal teal faux fur coat and it is all perfect with a classic red pump.
Katherine's 'Winter Neutrals' mixes lots of classic styles with a hint of trends. The little ruffle on the lapel of the coat, the fun designer bag, the cheetah loafers - all so well done!
Dawn Lucy wore 'JD Williams' and nailed the best look for a New Year's Eve or fancy holiday soiree. The velvet teal midi dress, fun gold-heel pumps and bird clutch are all stunning and unique.
I am a huge fan of a LRD (Little Red Dress) and Terri's 'Red Fit and Flair' makes for a great holiday dress. She styled it a few ways on her post but I like it as is with the nude peep-toe stilettos, golden clutch and stunning oversized pearls.
Sheela asks 'Shall We Be Friends?!' and ladies if you are looking for a fierce fashionista, you'd follow Sheela right now. The blue-on-blue look featuring the laced up denim jumpsuit is edgy and so stylish and modern.

Happy Thursday!!

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