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Skirtmas in July Collaboration, Day 6: Denim Mini Skirts.

I hope you all had a fantastic Saturday. I work most Saturdays and unfortunately I had an 10-hour day today, also. But I am looking forward to Sunday off, going out a little bit and wearing yet another pretty skirt! Speaking of skirts, Elsie and I are going strong in this Fashion Challenge we undertook this July and it is no easy feat because we are both working professionals and we both have daughters too... and a personal life lol. ELSIE from Polished Whimsy - my co-host during this fashion series - and I invite you to tag us and follow along with the #skirtmasinjuly hashtag on Instagram. In case you are here for the first time this week, I am doing a week of skirts styled on the blog, in collaboration with my Californian friend Elsie, and so far here is what we have worn: Day 1 we styled Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirts; Day 2 we styled Faux Suede Mini Wrap Skirts; Day 3  we styled an Identical Button-Front Striped Midi Skirt with Pockets (by Who What Wear; Day 4 we styled our Identical Bla…