Friday, November 15, 2013

Mom in Blush, Bronze and Maroon; Baby in Lilac and Florals.

Good Morning on this Friday. It is my second weekend (coming up) since I have been back to Albania and time has gone by so fast, thus far. Today is a Gorgeous day out. It is almost noon and I haven't gone out yet. But as soon as my shower is over, I am taking Vivian on her stroller and drinking my Machiatto, enjoying the sunshine. We got to squeeze in these warm days while we still can, right?

Today's Outfit features a Top from Express that I have had for quite a few years but only remember to have worn it once before. This little Blush Mini Skirt (sort of Cargo Style) by Old Navy hasn't gotten a lot of wear either. That's what happens when you own A GAZILLION pieces of clothes. I decided to pair the two together for a little Fall Palette. I like the Neckline of the Top and the Swirly, Circle Design plus the Satiny Silk feel give off a Chinese vibe. And of course Nude Pumps go with everything. The Brown/Gold Beaded Necklace matches the Colors of the Blouse, perfectly. Little Viv is wearing Lilac & Florals between her Top & Chiffon Dress. Her Mary Jane Shoes are too cute though they are quite big on her (still). What do you think? Any plans for the weekend? I don't have anything in particular planned though I'd like to make it at the National Book Fair in Albania, which is held every November and it ends this Sunday. I Love Books. I worked with them for a while, too. TGIF!
Maroon/Gold/Burgundy/Bronze, Asian-inspired, Silk Blouse w/ Square Neckline: Express.
Blush, Cotton Mini Skirt w/ Zippers & Pockets: Old Navy.
Gold, Beige, Gray & Brown, Beaded, 3-Strand Necklace: The Limited.
Cubic Zirconia, Gold Tone, Drop Earrings: The Limited.
Nude, Round-Toe, Patent Leather Pumps: Apartment 9 (Kohl's).

Vivian's Outfit:
Lavender, Long-Sleeve Onesie: Gerber's.
Floral, See-Through, Chiffon Jumper (part of a 2-piece Dress): Little Lass.
Plastic Hair Clips (Lilac Bunny & Baby Blue Kitty): A Children's Boutique in Albania.
Navy, White & Fuchsia, Stripped Socks: Wal Mart.
Navy+White, Vintage-print, Mary Jane Shoes: A Children's Boutique in Albania.

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