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Guest Post - Brittany.

Hi Lovely Ladies. Today I have one of my favorite bloggers gracing us with her presence. Let me introduce Brittany from "Fun with the Fullwoods". Britanny is married to the Love of Her Life and a couple of months ago they became parents for the first time to a Beautiful, Big Baby Boy. The thing I like the most about Brittany is her Baking Recipes. She is seriously the Best Baking Blogger out there. I am not a baker (at all), but everything she describes sounds and looks yummy. Plus a lot of her recipes sound so simple. Brittany's Post-Pregnancy Style is also super cute for a brand-new mom. She always dressed well, after all. So there she is.

 Hi, y'all! I feel very lucky to be guest blogging for Ada today while she's having her beautiful baby girl. Absolutely cannot wait to "meet" the little bundle!
My name is Brittany and I blog over at Fun with the Fullwoods. My husband and I just welcomed our own bundle of joy, Bear Clayton, back in November. We're…