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Black and White with Dangling Beads.

Hello all and Happy Monday. Here is to a new week!! I have been so busy at work today. My eyes are stuck on Excel cells, titles, numbers and formulas. But its towards the end of the work day for me and it seems like my work for today is done. It is time for a new OOTD as well as a Visible Monday Post.

So withour further ado I present you a simple black and white outfit. The tank-top here is the white version of the dark red sequined tank top in yesterday's post. I own it in Black and Purple also.The skirt is actual a satiny silk in a floral lace print. It looks like black lace over a white lining but that's not the case. The fun part about the skirt is the tiny black glass beads that hang like fringe, on the bottom. I have a fun floral-shaped, sparkly pin that is made of the same exact black glass beads so I figured I should pin it to my tank top. The earrings are also a black jet, glass stone. And there is more sparkle (in silver) on my strappy sandals.

White, Cotton Tank-Top …