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Decking the Halls (pt. 1) - The Christmas Tree.

I have been meaning to post about Christmas Decor at my home, for a few days now but between lots of outfits (back-tracked) and not ever finding the time to take photos of all my Christmas Decor and also upload those photos, fix them a little bit (if needed) etc. it took me till today to do it. And this is just part one. I don't have all the photos ready for you. But I decided to show you my tree at least - which I have talked about in a few other posts.

As you all know, I am a soon-to-be-mom and my Baby Girl should come to this world sometime at the end of January. Even-though next year will be her First Christmas, the fact that she is in my belly and she has been our biggest blessing/news of 2012, definitely counts. So, keeping that in mind, I wanted to decorate the tree in Her Honor, this year. As a matter of fact, every single ornament on the tree is brand-new as I went for an "All White with Splashes of Pink" theme this year. (Well, White with some Silver, still in …

Military Blazer with Teal Stripes.

I think every woman needs a Military Jacket in her closet. They are sort of a statement piece, a blazer for all seasons, indeed. I love mine from The Loft. I want to add a Military Vest to my closet, as well. This outfit is simple but still presentable, I think. Stripes go with pretty much everything, even if they are Bright Teal or Turquoise. Cognac Boots also go with everything. So I mixed 3 very very remixable items in one's closet to present you today's outfit. Hope you like it. This is an easy-breezy outfit to wear outside of work, though at my job I can totally wear this too. I will rely a lot on layered, comfortable outfits once I am a mom, especially during the baby's first year. Ease, simple comfort, layers, leggings, skinny jeans, boots, loafers, ballet flats, tees, T-shirts, blazers, scarves, vests & cardigans will be my best friends wardrobe-wise, I think. =)

Military Green, Military-Style Jacket w/ Pockets:Ann Taylor Loft. Comfortable, Cotton, V-Neck, Teal, …