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Pink in October.

I haven't posted a lot of Pink Outfits (at least one pink item per outfit) this month which we all know is Breast Cancer Awareness month, however I am currently doing a pink-themed outfit every day on my Instagram since a few days ago, and plan on doing so till the end of the month. And the next few outfits on the blog, will feature something pretty in pink, I pinky promise (pun intended).

Today, let's take a walk down memory lane from my Most Favorite Pink October Outfits from the past two years. Which ones are your favorite?

Baby Pink Trench Coat, Blue Denim Flares and Red+Pink Necktie Scarf. I am starting off with this outfit because it is my favorite of the bunch and something I would totally wear time and time again, every Fall. Plus this Baby Pink Silk Trench Coat is my favorite pink piece.
Pink Dragon Graphic Tee, Blue Jean Jacket and Cropped Leopard Pants. This one is funky, a little edgy, a little sporty and yet pulled together for a pretty warm October day running errands…