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Week's Best Looks June 16th 2013.

Another week gone bye and here we are on the last day of the week, on Sunday. It is also Father's Day - another Holiday we don't celebrate here in Albania however I am half American so of course I wished My Husband. It is after all his first Father's Day. So, I Hope all Dads out there are having/had a Great Father's Day!! 

Overall, has it been a good week for you? It has been a Great Week for me as I have mentioned, as well. But today is ALL ABOUT FASHION, STYLE, FASHIONISTAS, THE LATEST TRENDS, NEW BLOGS I DISCOVERED & GORGEOUS OUTFITS. So let's move on to a Fresh Sunday of Week's Best Looks. This week is 'all over the place' as far as trends & outfits go. The Maxi is still going very strong as we have it in Colorful Prints as well as in Black+White Stripes (several for this last one). We have quite a few Black+White Stripped Dresses, especially Maxi ones. But we also have Stripes in the Blue family, including 2 Maxi Skirts & a Tank Maxi Dre…