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Olive Military and an Update on Vivian.

I meant to post yesterday and update you all on Vivian's 9 Month Birthday from last month, since this upcoming Tuesday it will be her 10th. But guys, Vivian has been sick and it went from bad to worse yesterday and today we had to take her to the hospital. Thankfully she was only there for about an hour. We took her home feeling much better. I hope she gets better & healthier and I wish to never see her in pain and discomfort anymore. But I am now a Mom and I think it comes with the package, whether I want it or not. Keep my little girl in prayers for me, please. Don't get me wrong she is doing well but I hope she gets a lot better soon and that she regains all of her energy and her positive spirits. I want to see her smile as often as she does. I live for that smile. =) Thank you.

Today's Outfit is one of the first Outfits I wore back, since we moved back to Albania, last week. I have been attracted to and have worn a lot of Olive Green lately so expect a lot more Oli…