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Guest Post - Lorena.

Hello All. I have another Guest Post today for you, after taking a little break from Guest Posting, not that I meant to just that days go by so fast taking care of a tiny, little baby. =) I hope you all understand. Thank you to all of You who have Guest Posted for me so far. I appreciate it and I thank you for your time, effort, fun posts & good style tips. =) Today, I have one of My Most Favorite Bloggers and Earliest Readers and Fans of my Page, Lorena from "Lorena's Every Day Wear".

Lorena has been a big fan and enthusiast of my page and has followed and supported me from the very beginning. I do envy her job cause she gets to travel around the world, very often. But I also envy not just her style but her closet editing - she is very smart about that. She purges her clothes every month and keeps track both of what she gets rid of and what she purchases - very clever on her part. One thing I love about Lorena is her nails. It is funny because I am NOT a nail person…