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Ghosts of Christmas Past - Part Two.

Christmas has come and gone however we are still in the spirit of the Holidays, right? How was your Christmas? What did you receive? For one, I am wearing my Red Coat again today (IRL) and have more red in my outfit too. A couple of weeks ago I showed you some outfits from previous, recent Christmas seasons. While I don't have the photos ready of what I wore yesterday (for this year's Christmas), I am showing you part two of Ghosts of Christmas Past. Ohh and a very cropped bob hair-style (back from 2007).

Year 2007. This was a few days prior to Christmas when we took some photos as a couple (and of course a few by myself) and the couple pictures were for our Christmas cards that year. We put up the White Fake Tree that year. We owned both a Green and a White one (both fake, since we were living in an apartment). I decorated the tree in many colors and I love how it came out, especially the addition of several shoe ornaments which I purchased at the Shoe Museum in Toronto, the Fa…