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Thankful Thursday.

Today is November 22nd 2012 and it is Thanksgiving so before getting to any Fashion, I want to wish all and everyone of you a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, MEMORABLE THANKSGIVING. May the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and desserts around your tables (wherever you may be in the Land of Freedom, Stars and Eagles - USA) bring full hearts as well and may your families get stronger on this day and always!!

I am so thankful for so many things today, especially this year. I am making a list of the top 10 things I am thankful for:

-- My Health. Really, without my physical, mental and social health it is hard to be thankful for anything else.
--  My Beautiful Parents and My Amazing Brother. I don't want to sound clichĂȘ but I seriously have THE BEST FAMILY a person could ask for, and this year more than ever before I miss them so much because I haven't seen them in a year (I went to live in Europe, just days before Thanksgiving last year).
-- My Husband and his love, admiration, care, lust, …