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Tan Shearling Vest and Tan Ghillie Flats.

I have had a case of the Mondays today. It was the longest and most exhausting work day. That is why I am posting so late instead of doing a morning Tuesday post. But I got an awesome happy surprise around 10.00 PM and I cannot wait to share it with you all soon, so please stay tuned.
Today's outfit was actually worn yesterday, to church and lunch after. Without my new Shearling Tan Vest, this Wine Sweater Dress would have looked cute but boring. It is that vest that adds something extra to the outfit. It is all about the third completer piece. Luckily, this vest did double duty because besides fashion purposes, it was my outerwear of choice yesterday to get in and out of car. Technically it wasn't that warm but warm enough to get away with this little clothing for a very short walk. And for the first time I am wearing Ghillie Ballet Flats. I have wanted a pair or two of these lace-up shoes, otherwise known as Ghillie Flats for a few months now. The pair I fell in love with we…