Monday, December 31, 2012

Shopping with Me for New Year's Eve 2013.

Just a few more hours are left in 2012. The New Year is knocking on our doors very very soon. So here is wishing you a Happy, Bright, Beautiful, Fun, Exciting, Hopeful, Healthy, Fantastic New Year 2013!! I know it will be a very different but very wonderful year for myself and my family with the addition of Our Baby Girl, joining our family in the month of January. =)

So, I will be staying home tonight. At almost 9 months pregnant I cannot really go anywhere. Every place will be smokey, loud and crowded - not for me, thank you. We will be having dinner with my In-Laws, as well as my Husband's Aunt's Family of 4, his Sister & one of his Sister's Best Friends. His Parents are setting a Big Family Dinner over their house. What are your plans for tonight? What do you plan on doing/going? Most importantly what will you be wearing?

New Year's Eve is usually a night for me to really get dressed up & glammed up, and even some sparkles are in the mix. Most likely I am in a Beautiful Cocktail Dress. But this year is an exception because we won't go out. I will still dress up for dinner a little though. I want to welcome the New Year Feeling and Looking Fabulous. I want to ring the New Year with something NEW on!

Today I compiled a bunch of fun looks for New Year's Eve. Every single thing you see here comes from Kohl's. Especially this Holiday Season, they have some fabulous things for the ladies. They have really stepped up their game these last couple of years with popular brands and designers like: Vera Wang, Elle, Narcisco Rogriduez, Jennifer Lopez & Lauren Conrad. I made sure I picked something for everyone. So whether you prefer Sequins, Black, Red, Winter White, Silver, Gold, a Bold Jewel Color, a Fitted Sheath, a Sexy Mini, etc. there is something in there for you. Whether you like Pumps, Stilettos, Peep-Toes, Retro Square Heels, Round-Toe Shoes, Gold, Silver, Black, Spikes or Studs, Sexy Booties or even Dressy Ballet Flats, there is something for you here. Of course I didn't forget the extras - accessories like Scarves, Furs, Belts, Purses, Tights, etc. And last but not least you need some fabulous jewelry for New Year's Eve. Beautiful, Dressy, Metallic Watches, Studs, Drop Earrings, Statement Necklaces, Lots of Stones, Gorgeous Headbands, Feather Details, Fun Cocktail Rings and such are also part of my choices. Which ones are some of your favorite pieces?

Beautiful Cocktail Dresses:
 My favorite Dresses here are the Red one in the top middle and the other 2 Sparkly, Sequined Dresses on the Bottom. Can you tell I love SEQUINS!?!
 My Favorites here are the Black & Metallic Wrap Dress on Top, the Golden-Rose Sheath, the Fitted, Sexy Cobalt Blue Dress & the Dark Silver Ruched Dress.

 My favorites here are the Ballet Flats, the Black Booties, the Stunning Silver Peep-Toe Stilettos & the Blue/Silver Pumps.
 My favorites here are the Black & White Studded Peep-Toe Stilettos, the Red Bow Pumps & the Black Studded Belts.

Dressy, Fun Accessories: 
 In here my favorites are the White Cloche, both Silver Purses, the Belt & the Teal Head Wrap with the Brooch.
 I am a sucker for Red & Black so I love everything here, especially both Hats, the Leopard Clutch, the Lace Tights & the Red Sequined Purse.

Gorgeous, Special Jewelry:
 I love both Black Headbands here, the White Ring, the Pink/Red Necklace, the Blue Rhinestone Hoops, the Teardrop Earrings & the Golden Rose Watch.
 And last but not least, I love the Owl Necklace, the Snowflake Earrings, the Purple Feather Headband, the Emerald Necklace & the Gorgeous Maroon Ring.

P.S. Linking up one last time for 2012 with the Fabulous, Classy Patti.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week's Best Looks: December 30th 2012.

I love compiling the Best Looks which I present to you every Sunday, for a couple of months now. There were a lot of looks I loved this week. And a couple of these ladies are actually new to my blog roll but I already love their style. I kept in mind the Holidays and New Year's Eve too and I think most of these looks (just like last week) would be great for many Holiday Parties and New Year's-related parties. I have 13 Lucky Ladies, 13 Lovely Looks to present to you this year. That is fitting how 2013 is coming in 24  hours or so. When I put these looks together, I didn't necessarily think of year 2013 but now looking at my colages, there are exactly 13 of them. There is a lot of Red, Green, Orange & Hot Pink this week. Also, Stripes, Sequins & Polka Dots. =) A lot of ladies are showing what they wore for Christmas. Enjoy!!

And Ladies Keep Staying Stylish and Dressing Beautifully through 2013!! Happy New Year to You!!

This Week's Lovely Looks include, starting with the first colage
(from top to bottom, left to right):

Jessica wears a Beautiful, Girly, Full, Short Skirt making the look even more Feminine with a Skinny Bow Belt but dressing it down by pairing a Chambray Button-Down with a Plaid Button-Down. Cute, Festive Look!
Megan loves Stars and has a lot of Star-Printed clothing. This sweater is truly bold & fun. I love it paired with the Silver Star Boots & Funky Hat which looks great with her new shorter hairdo.
Bonnie wears a Stunning Green Coat over a casual outfit of Leggings tucked into Boots, Long, Cozy Cardigan & Chambray Shirt. You gotta love her Red Lips, too.
Londyn wears a Red, Double-Breasted Blazer over a Funky Black+White Print Dress with a Kerchief Hemline. She looks Rockstarish in her Over-the-Knee Boots. Good Outfit for a Fun, Loud Bar on New Year's Eve.
Ginny wears a Beautiful Navy Polka-Dot Sweater dressing it up with a Stunning Yellow & Silver Statement Necklace & a Bunch of Bracelets. Love the Socks under the Boots.
Alice's Christmas Outfit featured a Girly, Red, Pleated Skirt, a Leopard Sweater, a Gold Sparkly Belt, Patterned Tights, Mid-Calf Boots & Beautiful Statement Jewelry Pieces.
Heather shows off 2 New Christmas Gifts: A Sparkly Neon Pink Cardigan and Funky Brown & Gray Boots her Husband gave her. All paired with a Super-Cute Mint Necklace.
Jenni wore this Dressy, Colorful Outfit to Church, for Christmas. Every woman needs a Red Pencil Skirt if this is an indication. And I love those Bronze & Gold, Frilly Pumps. So Festive!
Tunde wore so many great outfits this week - it was so hard for me picking this one. But ultimately skinny Polka Dot Pants, a Gorgeous Burnt Orange Blouse with a Subtle Animal Print & a Girly Bow Belt won me over. I'd wear this for New Year's Eve to a Bar!
Kallee put on a See-Through Polka Dot Blouse with a Classic, Black Pencil Skirt & Quilted Boots. She tied a Silky Leopard Scarf as a Headband. Hard to believe this outfit came from Forever 21 - she looks Great.
Skylette stayed True to her Blog's Name "Sequins and Stilettos" by pairing a Sequined Sweatshirt with Hot Pink Skinny Jeans and Beautiful Snakeskin Pumps.
Frannie wore the Ultimate Christmas Outfit for Christmas: Cute Red Flats, Sparkly Black/Gold Leggings, a Stripped Peplum Top & Leather Gloves all topped off by a Beautiful Red Coat & Sequined Winter White Beanie.
Juneli is wearing her Hi-Low Skirt by pairing Vertical & Horizontal Stripes while Mixing Orange, Purple & Beige. I love her Geometric Colorful Necklace & Gold Bracelets.

And My Own Favorite Look of the Week:

It has to be My Christmas Outfit. I love this sweater. It is such a pretty Strawberry Red & I love the Silk, Quilted Shoulder Detail. I also think it looks so cute over my growing belly. I dressed it up with some Pretty Jewelry though the rest of the outfit was kept simple between my Gray Leggings tucked into Gray Boots.

My Baby Story: 35 Weeks.

This week marked the end of my job, and as of Friday I started My Maternity Leave. Thankfully, in Albania, you can take your leave as early as 35 days before your baby's due date. I don't have 35 days left, less than that, but it was determined at my job that I would only work through the end of 2012. As a matter of fact because of budget costs, they are taking my position off altogether. But, because I have worked for a full year straight, full time and with insurance, I benefit a whole year of Paid Maternity Leave so I am taking all of 2013 off to raise my baby and be by her side. It is the best thing after all. It would cost me just as much had I gone back to work and paid a lot of money for a baby-sitter, a nanny or day-care. Now that days are flying by and 2012 is coming to a close, I am THATMUCHCLOSER to the birth and arrival of our sweet, little Princess. =)

To My Baby Girl:
Oh Sweet Girl, we had a 35-week ultra-sound on Friday and in 5 and a half weeks from the last ultra-sound, you had grown up so much, little peanut. You had pretty much doubled in size. You are at about 6 lbs. now. WOW!! My belly is not very large but whatever weight there is, it's all you Baby Girl. In these cases we say MASHALLA!! I can just imagine that in the next 2-3 weeks you will grow that much more. Also, the doctor said because of your growth and the fact that you move so much (yes you moved a lot during the ultra-sound as well), you might make an earlier presence so I should expect you anytime after January 15th-January 20th. You have kicked a ton this week, especially in the mid-week and on Friday. Your little legs, knees & feet have gotten so strong that you keep kicking mommy close to the kidney on my right side. And yes it is a little bit painful. But you are strong and you are in the right birthing position, we were told during your last ultra-sound, so I will take all the kicks, even the most painful of them as long as you are well & healthy.

Mom Sends you her Love as I caress the Belly and think of you every minute, till you are in my arms.

How Far Along: 35 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: 19 lbs or so. Yes, I have gained some weight in the last 10 days or so.
Baby Measurements & Weight: According to the ultra-sound you were about 2.600 kg, about 6 lbs. The last ultra-sound we had of you, you were about 1.400 kg. Good Job Baby Girl, keep growing. But because you were moving a lot, it was hard measuring your height, however the doctor said everything was within the normal measurements. =)
Maternity Clothes? Yes. Definitely Maternity Pants, though I still wear a bunch of Non-Maternity Stretchy Leggings & Non-Maternity tops.
Best moment this week: The ultra-sound was the best part, hearing her heartbeats & seeing her in the monitor. She was healthy, strong & had gained some weight. She was at the right weight for her age.
Miss Anything? Even-though I have only been off from work for 3 days now, I know a part of me will miss work. I worked there 6 days a week, over 50 hours a week for a full year. It was a good job overall though it had its crappy, hectic moments - just like every job. week. But I know I will enjoy these days before her birth, relaxing, sleeping, cooking, cleaning & getting ready for Baby Girl. =)
Movement: Yes, DAILY. A lot of her kicks and movements are so much stronger now & some of them even hurt mommy.
Food Cravings: I was craving rice yesterday. I haven't eaten or craved much rice throughout this pregnancy. I love rice pilaf, risotto & such but I didn't care for it much while pregnant. Yesterday we had lunch out at a Mexican Restaurant where I had some rice & yummy Mexican Food, which I was also craving. And I have been craving more sweets too. So after, we went to a small Coffee/Dessert place. It is just this tiny, cozy, warm place where they make the best desserts. I had a Chocolate Ganache Dessert over a Chocolate Graham Cookie Crust. It was delish.
Gender: Girl.
Belly button in or out? Definitely more out than in. Not completely out though.
Wedding rings on or off? On, usually on my middle finger. I was showing my fingers to my husband yesterday, telling him how they have gotten thinner, while pregnant.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Ohhh super happy. Even when she kicks me and it hurts I am happy, because I know she is in there and is letting me know that she is OK and is growing just fine.
Looking forward to:  Putting her bed together this week and decorating it with the sheets, blankets, toys and everything else. I am sure it will come out so pretty. Also looking forward to doing a little shopping for her (we have a few things to get, just a couple of things left). And of course I am looking forward to New Year's. A brand new year filled with so much Joy, Hope & Happiness especially now that we are expecting. 2013 will be A VERY LUCKY, GOOD YEAR FOR US because of our little one!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wheat, Fuchsia and Cognac.

It is Saturday and as of yesterday I am officially on Maternity Leave. My plan for the next 3-4 weeks or so is to relax, get as much sleep as I can, pack for the hospital, wash all the baby's clothes, at least the Newborn ones and the ones 0-3 months, put together her bed (my husband will, I will just dress it) and pretty much get ready for her arrival, as much as I possibly can. I also plan to see a couple of friends while I can. Ohh and I still have a bunch of outfits to show you since I am behind, some photos taken in the office. Today's included.

This is a simple outfit where I threw together two sweaters. The loose (well it is not loose now with my belly) magenta sweater underneath is quite thin, but paired with the thicker cotton cardigan, I was warm. This sweater definitely got too small for the belly, I am putting it away till after the baby now. It isn't Maternity after all. I call the color of this cardigan: Wheat. I love how you can really see the belly here.  And I am convinced that Cognac Boots are staples and go with everything. Don't you think so? Now that I am looking through these photos, this outfit could have used some accessorizing with a long necklace perhaps. Oh well, next time, As you see through my outfits this week, I have done lost of color this week: Orange, Burgundy, Maroon, Red, Wheat, Cobalt, Magenta, Sky Blue, Fuchsia, etc.

P.S. It is amazing that at over 8 months pregnant (when this outfit was worn) none of the pieces are Maternity. I have gotten lucky as far as not gaining a ton of weight.

Happy Saturday Ladies!! It is THE WEEKEND - the last weekend of 2012, nevertheless.

Fuchsia, Boat-Neck, Light Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Camel, Linen/Cotton Blend, Belted, Open Cardigan: Victoria's Secret.
Black, Stretchy, Skinny Corduroy Pants: White House Black Market. 
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Decking the Halls (pt. 2) - Home Decor.

Yes, it is after Christmas but the Christmas Spirit and the Holiday Season is VERY MUCH ALIVE. Plus you are supposed to keep your Christmas Decor at least until January 6th - on the Day of Epiphany. This is the continuation to this post. This time around I will show you around our home: a small, modest apartment that is down-town - big city living you all. Most of the decorations are in the living room, dining room & kitchen area but I also added a little Holiday Glory to the Coat Hanger in the hall and to our bedroom (by my dresser).

Below I will show you the entertainment area, the book shelves, the coffee table, the dining room table, etc. This is a picture-heavy post. Hope you like all the photos. =) So let's start.

The Entertainment Area (where the TV, DVD Player & the Shelves of Books are).
What do you think? I like all the little Porcelain Christmas Figurines and the tiny Snow Globes. I also like the Sparkly, Glittery Flowers & Leaf Branches I have added, especially the long ones in my Crystal Glass where I tied a Satin Red Ribbon with a Red Christmas Tree Ornament hanging down.
You will also see lots of Glass Bowls and Glass Jars (like Mason Jars) throughout the Living Room & Dinning Room (photos below to follow, as well). That is an Ada thing to do around Christmas. LOL I sure do have a lot of ornaments and I think they look real pretty behind clear glass. The little Pink & Lime Card you see is a Beautiful Card for our girl. My cousin and her fiance sent it, along with a bunch of beautiful clothes.
 I made the little Gold & Red Decorative Branches that I placed next to those candles, using some ornaments and a Gold Branch. I like how they came out. =)
 The wish above means "Merry Christmas" in Albanian. =)
I love these little jars with the red covers, I purchased prior to the Holidays. I purchased them to use for putting ornaments in them but I will sure use them again, too. They are cute, beautiful & close off, well.

The Living Room by the Sitting Area:
Here are a few different angles from our living room. I love the Red Couches. And we finally posted some frames/art on the wall, after 8 months of living here. I found some cute, inexpensive pieces which go with the rest of the living room.

The Kitchen Area:
Here is a photo of the dining room table by the kitchen area. More Red as you see. I thought the Apple Tablecloth was still fitting for the Holiday Season. The little red tray has 3 different Glittery, Gold, Christmas Tree Candles & a Red Ball Ornament painted with Gold Trees. And below, you see the refrigerator with a little decorative jar on top of it.

Other Areas in the Apartment:
This is the dresser & coat hanger in the Hallway.
And some Gold Ornaments in a Jar by My Dresser in the Bedroom.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Black and Fall Orange Layered.

Good Evening Fashionable Ladies. It has been a real busy day for me today so I haven't been able to blog a post today until now and it is quarter after 10, at night. How has your Thursday gone so far? Ready for Friday and the Weekend - the very last one of 2012?

This is my favorite Maternity top my mom purchased for me a few months ago, and sent it to me through the mail. I have been loving orange this year and wore it a few times in the summer. I also love its sister color Burnt Orange - which is definitely best fitted for colder months like Fall & Winter. I also love the cute style and the mini ruffles by the neckline, on this top. It is girly and pretty. I paired it with Black Leggings and my favorite Black Blazer this time around. This blazer comes with a stretchy Belt that has a round buckle with the logo of White House Black Market (where it comes from). I love that I put that belt over the top. Belts (as long as they are not very wide) look great over a pregnant belly. I also like that the Orange is brought out a little through the Plaid of the Headband & the Polka Dots of the Earrings (a small pattern mixing between these two accessories).

Black Blazer w/ Round Collar: White House Black Market.
Burnt Orange, 3/4-Sleeve, Cozy Cotton, Maternity Tee w/ Ruffles on the Neckline: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Black, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Small Circle Ivory Stud Earrings w/ Orange Polka Dots: Street Vendor in Tirana.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Classic, Beige, Brown & Burgundy, Wide-Band, Canvas, Plaid Headband: Burberry.
Brown Puffy Coat w/ Faux Fur-Trimmed Hood: Weather Tamer.
Wool-Blend & Chenille, Warm, Frayed, Brown Scarf: Purchased at a Boutique in Tirana.
Knee-High, Cotton, Burnt Orange Socks: Golden Point.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.