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An Un-Glorious Fall Transitional Outfit.

 I will be honest with you, I don't quite like this outfit. I debated about whether to post it today. It sounded good on paper, didn't come out that great once I put it on. The colors are perfect to transition into Fall with the darker greens and blues: olive and teal. Plus I have on cut-out booties as well as several on trend 70s elements like a Bucket Skirt and a Bell Sleeve Paisley Top. But, I have actually gotten rid of this silk blouse from Banana Republic (practically vintage now, since it is at least 10 years old). I felt, while it still did fit, I prefer my blouses much more loose now and longer like a tunic. I am debating whether to keep the skirt. I love the color and that style and it is made of very nice corduroy, so I think I will give it another couple of shots.  ...However, when you keep a style journal of what you wear daily, despite being a lot 'in the public eye, like we are as fashion bloggers, I still think it is OK to show that you are human and post yo…