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Thursday Moda #149: Starting 2019 in Pink!

Happy Thursday Everyone! We started 2019 wearing Pink (for me and Vivian) and Leopard (for Vivi). We started January 1st off early by taking a trip downtown Northville - a very adorable town you have seen several times both here on my blog and on my Instagram, over the last year especially. You have pretty much seen this town during every season, except for Winter. They have Santa and Mrs. Klaus visiting the downtown every year - as you can see by the Santa House above. The city was dead, we pretty much had the down-town to ourselves. First we parked by Starbucks where we had breakfast and coffee and then we walked around the down-town in the hopes of the weather getting warmer but it never got warm or sunny. The wind was chilling. Good thing both Vivian and I were wearing warm coats and thick wool scarves. Scroll down below to see more of our outfits.
STARTING  2019  IN  PINK! So this is my very first outfit of 2019, worn on January 1st. I started the year wearing pink and I think the …