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Neutrals with Bright Stripes.

Hello and Happy Monday - the first one of March. And March happens to be the first month of Spring. Yes, I am being positive. No case of the Mondays here, today. This month, my purpose with my clothing is to wear a lot of previously-owned (by me I mean) clothes and show some love to many new clothes I have acquired in the last few months and there have been a lot. Usually, when I write the brands/stores of the pieces I wear, if it says new in parenthesis, it means that it has been purchased in the last 3-4 months.

Today I am pairing a Taupe Wool Sweater Dress with a Neglected Bright Cardigan. The last time I wore this Cardi was on April 14th last year (I remember correctly since that is my Mom's Birthday). There are no blog photos of that Outfit, but it is the one I am wearing in my Blog Button. The previous time before that, it was worn while I was 9 months pregnant. So, yes, it has been a while. This was worn a couple of weekends ago on a cold Saturday, just after Valentine'…