Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Recapping 2014: Pants, Jeans and Leggings.

Welcome to the second edition of my 2014 Style Recap. I meant to post this yesterday, albeit the first day of work on a Monday after having 5 days off was indeed quite busy. Today I am looking back and reviewing my Most Favorite Looks featuring Pants, Jeans and Leggings. You can read the the first part featuring Skirts and Shorts.

The Best in Pants, Jeans and Leggings: As mostly a stay-at-home mom and running after a baby (turned toddler) I wore a lot of skinnies, jeans and leggings in the last year. Plus I love my Skinny Jeans and Leggings especially if the Jeans are Colored and the Leggings are Patterned. As you can tell - by the looks I chose as my favorites - I am not afraid of Color or Pattern. Most of these Outfits are not worn at work. They are just Everyday, Casual Mom Looks. I did include some Favorite Work/Office Looks as well. I ended up choosing 14 Favorite Outfits featuring Pants+Jeans and a Top 3 Outfits with Leggings. My Most Favorite 3 looks here are (from the order I have listed them below) the 2nd, 3rd and 8th Outfit. What about yours?
(The outfits are listed in no particular order of liking.) 

Pants and Jeans.

Floral Pants, Burgundy Blazer & White Blouse.

Ponte+Leather Black Leggings & Silk Paisley Tunic.

Black Leggings, Black Military Jacket, White Tunic & Leopard Pumps.

Floral Leggings & Black Silk Tunic.

Last but not least I wanted to share a Beautiful Photo of Vivian as flashback from exactly a year ago when we did her one-year Birthday Photo Shoot (a week before her first Birthday). In 13 days, my beautiful baby girl will be 2 years old. It is very cliche, but how time flies I will never understand, even more so when you have are raising a child. She literally grows every day. 

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