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Thursday Moda #176: BLESSED!

I have been MIA and I can go on and on about the reasons why, but bottom line these reasons don't really matter! First things first, I got myself a new computer (finally). I just ordered a new Chromebook (HP) and I have only been using it for two hours tops. It is a little different than a regular lap-top with less buttons too so I need to get the hang of it but I think I will. So many things are different but again it will just take some time. My least favorite thing about it is that the caps lock don't exist and I think the google replacement for them makes it harder to type, especially if you are a fast typist like myself. I haven't commented as much as would have liked, or been able to link my posts due to my other computer freezing and I for sure have not posted much at all. On top of this, life has been so busy and just this week alone I have had to do something every evening after work that hasn't included blogging, Instagram or any other fun hobbies. But enough…