Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April Purchases.

Another month fell off and here we are with my Monthly Purchases. How did I do? Did I go over budget? Did I stay under? Well of course I did. (My Budget is about 100-125 bucks a month in case you are wondering.) Once again, didn't add any new clothes this month though I can think of at least 10 things I need to add to my closet such as: Chambray Shirt, Chambray Dress, a Floral Tunic, some Maxi Skirts & Dresses, a couple of Colored Jeans & a Casual Stripped Black+White Dress (the one I wore yesterday got some very positive feedback, by the way). But see, I am currently working on the baby's paperwork and once that is settled the two of us are visiting USA for a few months, staying with my parents. There is when I plan to do all of my shopping & all the missing pieces from my closet will be added (hopefully).

What I added this month were a pair of Ballet Flats. I own a bunch of them already but I figured for 10 bucks, this Fun Green pair with the Gold & Pewter Hardware detail in the front, would come home with me. They even have cute stripes on the inside. They also came in Black & in White. I own a pair of White Leather Ballet Flats with a Crystal detail in the front, though I could use another pair of White Flats. Currently I only have 2 pairs of Black Ballet Flats. I am on the lookout for a nicer Leather pair, would love to get the Reva(s) by Tory Burch. So, of course I had to get the Green. I wanted to add some Fun, Summer Colors as far as Nail Polish goes, to paint my toes this Summer (I am also working on not biting my nails - it is so so hard, but I would love to have Pretty & Healthy Nails, though not very long) so these four polishes for less than a dollar each, also came home with me while I did some Grocery shopping. I love brooches and the Retro yet Classic appeal they have. Both of mine have crystals in them, one is a Green Leaf & the other a Sky Blue Flower (you already saw me wearing it last week on the lapel of a button-down). The Long, Plastic Beaded Necklace in Pastel Colors was a necessary & fun addition to my Jewelry drawer for the Spring/Summer. I have already worn it a few times & Vivian seems to love it, too - she likes to tangle her hands with it =D. I plan on wearing it a lot more. Last but not least, I added a Watch. A Fun, Cool, Everyday Fashion Watch (Dressy too) for just 6 bucks. The strap is White & Redish-Bronze Animal Print. It has a big Tan/Bronze Face with a Horse in the Middle which reminds me of the Polo of Ralph Lauren Logo. It looks very expensive. I don't own a lot of watches so this was great to purchase. And I have already purchased another watch this month of May. What do you think of My April Purchases? Anything you like? What did you buy last month?

Stripped Sweater Dress and Sky Blue Scarf.

You ladies know that I love Dresses. I wear them all seasons. Therefore, I own quite a bunch of Sweater Dresses too because they are perfect & easy to wear for the colder months, let's say October through April, sometimes even as late as June, depending on their style & thickness of the knit. Today I am showing you one of my Favorites, which you have seen on the blog before, too. Even when I was pregnant. The length is sort of weird, a Midi Skirt if you will but I loved it on, when I tried it. So I purchased it for a low clearance price at Old Navy, back in the Fall of 2011. I purchased this one as well as the Multi-colored Striped version. The last time I wore this Dress I was 7 months pregnant. This time, when I wore this, outside was kind of chilly so I added the scarf for some warmth to my neck. It served as a necklace & pop of Color, too. To top it off, I am wearing one of My Most Favorite Blazers. It is Velvet, in an Unique Style & it is a Silver Gray Color. The results ended being Simple & Chic Elegance, exactly what I go for most of the time. =) This is one of those rare days when I haven't taken photos with Vivian.

Once again Thank You to everyone who participated in my Blog Birthday Party. My Husband & I both had Good Birthdays, kept them low-key but still great. The Baby is the BEST thing that could have happened to us, this year. Also, to all of you who have wished me here in the blog as well as on the E-Mail, Thanks A Lot. I much appreciate it. I will share in detail all the Dresses I wore to celebrate My Birthday, soon. I am looking forward to future Blog Parties. But for now I am starting a feature dedicated to New Bloggers so if you have been blogging since 2012 and if you follow my blog, let me know here in the comments and maybe we can work together so I can do a Special, Detailed Guest Post on yours truly. I have worked on all the questions. Just let me know if you are interested. Also, later today, I will share with you my April Purchases for my April Budget, better late than never I guess. =)

Black+White, Stripped, Sweater Dress: Old Navy.
Dressy, Gray, Velvet Blazer w/ Ruffle Trim: White House Black Market.
Sky Blue, Simple, Linen-blend Scarf: A Scarf Boutique.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Silver Bracelet w/ Geometric-Shaped, Gray/Black/Olive Rhinestones: White House Black Market.
Ultra-Suede & Patent Leather, Cap Toe, Black Ballet Flats w/ Bow Ties: Jumbo.

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