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Water-Color and Floral "Painted" Dress.

Hello All and TGIF. I woke up super early today because I had to take some medical exams. The results are good in general, nothing to worry about. However, me not eating breakfast, taking blood and dealing with the heat since very early in the morning, caused a little bit of Low Blood Pressure. Thankfully, I returned home, napped for a couple of hours and had plenty of time to eat lunch, and get ready for work.

I love this dress. Last summer, towards the end of the season I purchased a few dresses from Loft and this is one of them. The beautiful Pink/Sky Blue/Beige Colors look like specles of Paint which makes this water-color dress a work of Art. I also love how the front of the dress has the flowers in the upper part, while the back has them on the bottom half of the dress. It creates a fun yin-yang. I had to have something comfortable on my feet so open-dotted, Baby Pink Ballet Flats solved that problem. ;-)

You Fashionistas Have a Great Weekend Away from too much sun!!

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