Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts #1.

This year, each month I decided to do a little series (a brain dump, if you will) the third Thursday of each month which I am calling Thursday Thoughts. Each of my Thursday Thoughts post will have three Quotes too.

- Thursdays are usually my busiest days as I work 10-11 hours and get home late from work. Today, I spent half of the day at home, and I am happy to say it was such a productive day with lots of cleaning and getting ready for Vivian's birthday party this Sunday.

- I have not taken many outfit pictures this month. I only go to work about twice a week and not even all those outfits have been photographed. Rather than that I haven't gone out much. It has been far too cold with temperatures ranging between 10-25 degrees and wind chills making it feel a lot lower than that. Being outside in the cold and snow is so uncomfortable with these super low temperatures, especially since I shoot my own photos.

- I am thinking a major Spring cleaning is in order once it starts warming up a little. I am thinking possibly in March. I have already started filling up bags and putting them aside for Salvation Army, donation or selling.

- Another thing in my mind is to go 3 months without shopping (for clothes/accessories/shoes) both for myself and for Vivian, and I will most likely make those months March-May. May is also my birthday month so any gifts I may get are fair game.

- I just started using a new shampoo which is mainly made with of argan oil and other bio plants in its mix. I hope I see changes in my hair after let's say 10-12 uses.

- And here are some great quotes to leave you thinking today.

What is on your mind today?