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Thursday Moda #53: Super Casual in Superga.

Welcome to another Thursday Moda. Though the calendar says March 1st don't let my outfit from today (worn IRL today as well) fool you, because we had heavy winds, rain and later even snow and all of these made our temperatures drop close to freezing. In actuality instead of this OOTD, today I really wanted to do a recap of the past year of the Thursday Moda linkup, but I didn't have it ready to go live today - probably in a couple of weeks.
Actually I probably wasn't even gonna post this outfit on the blog at all. I would simply snap a couple of quick photos of it for Instagram and that's all. But I decided to take a few more photos of it and bring it to you all on the blog, nevertheless. Today I was a stay-at-home mom so I am in my element, being as comfy and as real as possible, just a casual mom on the go. All I am wearing is Nude Lipgloss and a Dainty Gold-Tone Layered Necklace. There is nothing special about this look, just a Patterned Split-V Henley (the pattern o…