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Striped Dresses Week: Heather Gray+White Dresses for Vivian and I.

I love doing themed weeks. I had so much fun doing my Floral Midi Skirt Week last week, so this week (prior to me wearing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and doing a pink-themed link-up every Monday and Wednesday, all of next month), I am doing an entirely week of Striped Dresses. I think every woman should own at least two striped dresses. One in classic navy and white or black and white and one in other colored stripes. God knows I own a ton of Striped Dresses. I have at least a new one to show off this week too lol. So stay tuned while I show my stripes. =)
So, today we will start off with the earliest outfit. This Heather Gray+White Striped Dress is at least from two months ago. It is relevant for this themed week and for today though, since the weather is in the 70s. Vivian is matching mommy in her own Heather Gray+White Striped Dress. As a matter of fact both Vivian and I are showing some of our Striped Dresses this week. Since the Dress has an Embroidered Navy+Gold Anchor on t…