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Recapping 2013: Jeans, Pants and Leggings.

Hello. I started writing/posting this late Sunday night almost Monday. Today and tomorrow I will be recapping more of my Favorite Outfits from 2013. Last year I have probably shown at least 300 Outfits on the blog. I didn't blog daily. Many times there were Vivian posts too, but I did have a lot of OOTD Posts. There were days when I did two-fer's and there were days when I did remixes like "The 6 Remix". Today is also the 6th but due to the busy Holiday season, a very active baby and trying to get together the Recap of 2013 posts, I am skipping it this month but will resume it again on February 6th. Stay tuned!! =)

I wore a lot of Outfits in 2013 as I said. About 300 made it into the blog. At least 50 didn't. Anyway, I have divided My Favorites into categories. Today I will be showing you all my Pants, Jeans and Leggings. Let me know what you think? Which ones are your favorite?

First we have Blue Jeans. I normally do not wear many Blue Jeans, but as a new Mom and…