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Tiny Graphic Hearts, Pink Aloha Flowers and Comfy Ponte Leggings.

Hello. I will be keeping this short on words today since there are a ton of photos of both Vivian and I. I wore this Outfit around Valentine's Day so I thought the little Heart as well as the Pink Flowers were proper for this Love Fest Holiday. Plus it gave me a chance to no longer ignore this Cardigan (since worn in real life on September 2013) and a chance to wear my new Button-down that I purchased in January (from my January Shopping). This Outfit is sort of Monochrome too since I have on Black Leggings and both of my tops have Black (and White) on them. Vivian is wearing the comfiest, cutest, Heart-print Sweatshirt. It is Fleece. I want it in my size - for real. What do you think of Our Outfits?
She is so Playful and Cute and we love her even more because of it. =))
And yes, she did get a haircut. We cut her bangs and took some length off.

Black+White, Graphic Heart-print, Button-down Blouse:H+M (New).
Black, White & Hot Pink, Floral, 3/4-Sleeve Cardigan w/ Logo Silver Button…