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No Longer Neglected Pastels and Vivian Awwwwing.

No Longer Neglected Week continues with some Pastel Pieces. The neglected items are three: the Sweater (last worn here), the Scarf (last worn while pregnant) and the Sneakers (never worn before). When I first moved to Albania, back in November 2011, this Lavender Sweater was the first one I wore for my first night out (at an evening type of bar nevertheless). I had purchased it that Fall and loved the color and button detail on the sleeves. I wore it a lot that Fall & Winter. I wasn't blogging much then and I didn't take many Outfit Photos, but I do have at least a couple of Outfits with it on the blog. I also wore it a few times after giving birth. But it got lost around March or so (meaning it was shoved somewhere among ALL of my clothes - and I have plenty) so finally, almost a year later I am wearing it again. The Scarf has only been worn 2-3 times before. I remembered perfectly the layered Maternity Outfit I wore it with, on December 2012 when I was 8 months pregnant.…