Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Baby Story - the Birth & One-Month Update.

A Month ago today, a Beautiful Little Angel, a Sweet Little Princess, a Bright Little Star, an Adorable Little Human Being was born into this world. On January 19th 2013 my life changed - the biggest change ever. I even got a new added title as a bonus, I became a Mother. The name MOM sounds so beautiful and I cannot wait till she grows up and starts calling me that. Well in Albanian is actually Mami (pronounced just like Mommy).

I have been meaning to write about her birth, but having a newborn baby at home, doesn't give you much time for anything, really. However better a little late than never. Since today is the 19th, it is THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to tell you about how she came to life. =) So, this is going to be a long post so bear with me and thanks to all of you for reading.

I woke up on January 18th around 8.30 AM. Of course being pregnant, you have to lay down on your side. I was feeling sort of a weird little pain on my lower stomach. When I stood up and went to the bathroom doing my morning routine, I realized the pain was a little bigger when standing so I decided to go back to bed. I had a doctor's appointment with my OBGYN that day. I was supposed to call my doctor (who would deliver my baby) after I got the test results of my last tests and blood work to do, before giving birth. Well, since I wasn't feeling too well, My Mother-in-Law picked up the results and I called the doctor to let her know I wasn't feeling very well so we would post-pone our appointment. Since the doctor was off for the weekend, we decided to meet on the following Monday. Around noon I woke up feeling better, but as soon as I left my bed, I felt like I peed in my pants a little bit. I went to the restroom and I didn't make anything out of it. I figured I really had to go, so my body couldn't wait. Then I proceeded doing some house-work around the house, a little bit of Facebooking and then I ate a soup for lunch. But every time I would stand up from sitting down, I felt wet. A part of me started to doubt that maybe my water had broken. It was very little water at first and this being my first pregnancy, I didn't have any experience as to what exactly I should feel but I was definitely doubtful. Thank God my husband left work on time that day so by 5.30 PM he was home. By that time, I was pretty certain that my water had broken so I told my husband what I was feeling. He really didn't think I would be going into Labor soon but my instincts told me otherwise. Next I call my Mother-in-Law who lives next door. She was taking a nap but she woke up right away and came over with my Sister-in-Law.

My next call was to my doctor. She had just gotten home after work and was having dinner. I explained to her what was going on, I told her I wasn't panicking but that I definitely thought it was time. She told me to get ready and head over to the hospital. Meanwhile she would call the two delivery doctors that were currently there and let them know I was coming and what my situation was. Meanwhile, I took a shower, shaved, got clean and got dressed and by then the water situation had definitely increased, so I was even more certain that my water had broken. I was calm though and barely felt any pain. I hadn't made ready my hospital bag/luggage though. I had set aside pretty much everything I would take to the hospital but hadn't put them on my luggage yet. I had made ready the baby's bag though with all the clothes and other necessities. My in-laws helped get my luggage ready, while my husband I could tell was a little bit nervous yet a little happy at the same time. We left home around 6.45 PM. It was my husband and I, my Mother-in-Law & my Sister-in-Law. We arrived at the hospital around 7.00 PM and met the doctor who was there and would be there overnight. My own doctor had told him I was heading there so he knew about the situation. Right away he checks me out and yes I was right, my water had broken. My contractions were very very little at the time and I had only dilated about 1.5 cm. But he said they would admit me to the hospital because it was a matter of hours before the baby would come. So, they took me in. They took me to a pre-birthing room where they would monitor my contractions, check my belly time after time and check on me often. I was still quite calm and barely in any pain. After 90 minutes or so I asked if I could walk around for a little bit and stay by my family who were waiting in the waiting hall. Unfortunately, no one is allowed in the pre-birth or birth-room when a woman gives birth, in Albania. So I spent a little bit of time with them in the hall and I asked the doctor if I could eat something since I was real hungry and he said a soup would be fine, so my husband ordered me some soup and some juice which was delivered there. By this time I had spoken to my own doctor on the phone too and she said that when I would get closer to delivery time, she would come and deliver my baby. Either that or I could deliver with any of the two other excellent doctors that were working there that evening. It was basically my choice.

An hour after spending time with my family, in the waiting hall, I went back in and by then my contractions started becoming quicker and more painful, still bearable though. It was only like that for 45 minutes tops. Around 11.30 PM, I started having real quick and real painful contractions. They were definitely coming by fast and faster and I couldn't help but yell and scream - the yelling made them a little less painful for me, I guess. I bet I am not the first one to scream during labor pain. They kept checking on me and they were telling me that the baby was READY TO COME OUT at any given moment and that my contractions were the type of heavy ones you get towards the last hour before delivery. But I hadn't dilated much so that was a problem. It would take hours for me to get to 8cm let alone 10cm. The doctor said they could cut me open a little bit, do a little episectomy on me, so that I could give birth soon and not continue with the heavy labor and fast, painful contractions. Well they convinced me. I was then moved to the Birth Room and placed on the Birthing Bed. The contractions were still heavy and so painful, but I became very brave and after 5 very hard and sper-pianful pushes her little hairy head popped out. I gave birth to our little Vivian around 3.35 AM on January 19th 2013, exactly a month ago. Then, they placed her in a little bed right next to mine. Though she was all dirty and wet, she was still beautiful and perfect. I kept telling myself out loud she was beaituful. I will not forget the moment when one of the delivery nurses, took my left hand and met it with my girl's right hand and tied matching number bracelets to both of us. My girl took my index finger and grabbed it tight around her little hand and didn't let go till they put her on my chest so she could feel me, smell me and I could breast-fed her. Our hands meeting was our first bonding moment. Vivian being put on top of my chest, was our second bonding moment. Then on the 20th we got home, being welcomed to a warm home, a Welcome cake, flowers and balloons, and lots of love all around.

Fast forward 2 weeks later and one evening I had real high fever that got even higher as time went by. It was scary and I wasn't feeling good at all. My Mother-in-Law had to take care of the baby during those hours. The fever wasn't getting any better and I was super cold. So late that evening, around 11.30 PM they took me to the emergency room of the hospital I gave birth in. I had some Post-Pregnancy complications which took both me and sweet little Vivian to the hospital, for 4 nights. That was the last place I would expect to be again in such a short time but it was definitely necessary. 12 Iv's, 4 shots, some pain-killers, some blood exams, 2 ultra-sounds and several pills later (some of which I continued to take when I got home, for over a week) and we were both home and I was back to feeling good. Hopefully all is well now. I will go for a check in a couple of weeks or so. Meanwhile, they checked my little baby girl during our hospital stay too and she was doing real well. Unfortunately due to my antibiotics, it messed up her system a little bit so the 3-4 days after we got home from my second stay at the hospital, it was tough on the baby. She slept very little and was fussy all the time, poor girl. But a sick mamma cannot take care of a baby, so the antibiotics were good for both of us in the long run.

Well, today she is exactly one month old and she is doing so well. She has gained about 2 lbs or 900 grams since she was born and she now measures 4 cm taller. She stays awake a lot through the day but isn't always crying. However she loves it when her mommy is there, or if she has someone to hold her. She loves being breastfed pretty much all day any day, as long as she is not sleeping. We started her Vitamin D a few days ago too, and she seems to enjoy it since it has a sweet fruit taste. She has also started to show a little bit of personality. She makes all kinds of faces and pulls her tongue out especially when she is happy. She has even started to smile. I have found her smiling so many times, when she is asleep. Maybe she is seeing a happy dream, I don't know. She kicks and puts her legs up when I am changing her diaper and looks happy usually when I change her. She also loves it when I wash her from the waist down. She likes the warm water & moving her little feet in there. However she is scared of baths and so far it takes two people to give her a bath because she also reaches out her little hands so she can hold on to someone. It is sweet but makes me sad at the same time because she cries a lot when we give her a bath. She doesn't like it so much when we dress her either. She hates it when we grab her little hands to fit her into the sleeves. But then after the bath and getting dressed she becomes calmer and usually I breastfeed her a little bit around that time, too. Being by her mom's chest and sucking on it is definitely her comfort time too, her safety net, besides being her meal. No matter what and despite keeping me occupied (with her) almost all day and all night, she is worth it 1000%. She is worth all my time, all my dedication, all my sleepless nights, all the times I miss a meal, everything. Ohhh and I am thankful to her (and to my second hospital stay I guess) to losing all of my Pregnancy Weight within 4 weeks. On Saturday I weighed myself and I weigh the same as before getting pregnant, even-though my boobs have gotten bigger. Everyone that has seen me is so impressed by how little I am. I can still fit into my Size 2 Skinny Jeans. I guess a brand-new baby does that to you.

So Happy Birthday My Sweet, Beautiful, Precious Girl!! Happy 1st month of your life!! May you continue to grow stronger, prettier, happier, healthier each day!! Your Dad and I love you with all of our hearts. You are OUR WORLD!! God Bless You Vivian!!

P.S. I promise the next Baby Post will include several photos of hers. I know a lot of you have been waiting in anticipation and Thank You for waiting. Pics are coming soon - I promise. =)