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I am Back and a Casual Outfit.

Hello all. Has it been a week yet? Yes, we went on vacation and got back last night. We had a great time and we did not take our lap-top or checked the internet and that's a good thing. I will talk more about our vacation through this week, however I gotta keep today's post short and sweet because I have to get ready soon to go to a Friend's Wedding. =)

Today's outfit is quite simple, both style-wise and in color combination. Sometimes, real simple is what I go for. The candy-looking orange beads around my neck, plastic yellow beads as my bracelet and the colorful coral/red sandals, color up this outfit, a little bit.

Wish you all have a Fantastic Weekend. I am off to get ready for tonight's event. =)

Cap-Sleeve, Button-Down, Poplin Shirt w/ Ruffles Around the Collar:Express. Sky Blue/Grayish, Cropped, Casual Pants:Old Navy. "Rock Candy", Plastic, Orange, Bobble Necklace:Purchased on the Streets of Tirana. Stretchy, Plastic, Yellow Bangles: Charlotte Russe. Ivo…