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Stripes, Sneakers and Sporty Americana - Part Two.

For some reasons I am always running late blogging and blog-posting on Tuesdays, despite it being my day off from work. There is just so much to do at home and a little girl to play and have fun with. Anyhow, Happy Tuesday and welcome to another Stripes, Sneakers and Sporty Americana Look.

Stripes are my favorite, always, especially in a T-Shirt or a Dress. I probably have 8-10 Striped Dresses, most Summery but a few Wintery ones too. This is the newest one I purchased and it can totally fall in the category of  a Little White Dress too since the striking wide white stripes are alternated with navy stripes - Navy+White Stripes say Nautical like nothing else does. What makes this Swing Mini Dress even more Nautical is the Rope Laced-Up Neckline in the front. I have had the Beaded Necklace and those Red Canvas Slip-on Sneakers in my closet for years. I paired them with this Dress and added all my new Kendra Scott pieces, too. Easy, chic, nautical, sporty yet put together, right? Do you o…