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Happy Wedding Anniversary to Us & Happy Birthday to Vivian, too!!

Today marks 8 years since I walked down the aisle & married the Man of My Dreams. The 19th is double special for us, especially this June because Our Baby Girl today celebrates 5 months of Birth, as well. After 11 years of knowing each-other: 10 years of dating (2 and a half of which were in long distance -- I flew out to Albania 5 times during these years), 8 years of being married, and the last couple of years of moving from Michigan, USA to Tirana, Albania, we finally have a Beautiful Baby to Bless Our Future. I love you now more than before, My Darling Piro. You are not just My Husband, you are The Father of My Daughter. We made a perfect little Human Being together. Our Love is the reason she is here today. Happy 5-months Princess Vivian. Love us three, love Our Little Family!!

We were both very young (in our early twenties) as you will be able to tell in these photos, when we got married. But we were so In Love and READY. At the time, I was still finishing up my Bachelor(s) D…

Nice to "Meet and Greet" AGNES.

Today's "Meet and Greet" is Agnes (Agi) that blogs at Vodka Infused Lemonade - a very Creative, Fun Blog Name I must add. Agnes is a full time Mom to her little boy. She is also a full-time baker, making some Gorgeous & Delightful Cakes & Cupcakes. Last but not least, she also works part-time on the weekends, as a Nurse nevertheless. Despite being so busy, she still finds time to always look Pretty, Polished, Casual, Cool & Chic. I must say I can relate to her Style the most, because as Moms we both prefer Simple, Easy Looks like Shorts, Jeans, Crops, Maxis, Girly Tees, Cardigans & Blazers. She loves Necklaces just as much as I do - after all they can dress up & girlify an Outfit. Agnes has a Link-up on Thursdays too, titiled "Tres Chic" - exactly what she is all the time. Agnes has had many Lovely Looks in the last few months since I discovered her Blog - many of which I have featured in my Weekly Series and she always takes time to Thank m…