Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gift Ideas for Toddlers.

Today I continue with the final gift guide of my mini Gift Ideas series I did this holiday season. Part three (today's) is all about toddlers. Part one was for bloggers and part two was for moms. As a mom of a toddler girl who turned exactly 35 months old yesterday and who will celebrate her third birthday soon, I had so much fun putting together today's list. Of course this list is both for toddler girls and toddler boys. Enjoy!

Let's look at the widget collage and my ideas:

First I want to start with their favorite category: toys and then books. This Christmas season when I purchased gifts for Vivian I had in mind learning toys and books for her to learn things like letters, the alphabet, shapes, numbers, animals, puzzles and such. Melissa and Doug have great toys for kids and the Alphabet Puzzle Book is one I got for Vivian. It is perfect for 3-year olds, whether a boy or a girl. I am also loving the take-along shape sorter from Melissa and Doug and might have to purchase that also for Vivi, perhaps next month for her birthday. The animal toy puzzles are great. How cute is the dinosaur one for boys!? Also, those Imagine Ink game books are perfect for little kids and for their imagination to go wild. Purchase one with their favorite Disney movie or Disney character. Of course, toddlers always love a new coloring book. I couldn't suggest Color Wonder books more. They are made of special paper and special colors that will only color those books and make no messes anywhere else. The princess one is perfect for my daughter or your little girls (my girl is now into princesses; she also likes animals and cars); the airplane one or you can get one with minions is perfect for little boys. In this category I also recommend a coloring book that has stickers too. What kid doesn't like stickers? My daughter does and as an adult I do too. For books, I picked educative books like "What makes a rainbow" (eyeing this one for Vivian), the Pets' book which I already bought, an ABC alphabet book and of course since this is Christmas season the "Elf in the Shelf" is a great idea, too.

Secondly, probably our favorite category (as moms) is clothes. Baby and toddler clothes are so darn cute. With most of them you don't have to break the bank either. Since it is Christmas season, a new pair of pajamas is most definitely what they need. Again, think their favorite characters or their favorite toys. My daughter for example loves Peppa Pig, Sophia the princess, Teletubbies (Teletubbies would make a great option for boys and girls) etc. Lots of little boys are into Spiderman, cars, minions and such. I also think it's a great idea to get them some dressy shoes, new boots for Winter, a new set of beanie with mittens (unless you live in Florida or Hawaii), a fancy dress and a sweater dress for girls, a festive sweater like with snowflakes or penguins and a button-down shirt for boys. Since it is the holiday season and plaid is the pattern of the season, find an adorable fancy dress for her with a little or a lot of plaid on it and of course a plaid button-down shirt for him.

Last but not least, their Christmas stocking should be filled with things they want like candy, chocolate, candy canes, stickers and popcorn (not pictured) as well as things they need. So, what do toddlers need? For boys Christmas stockings should include bow-ties, for girls bow clips and hair barrettes and for everyone slippers, socks and underwear, because your child will always need new socks and underwear.

I hope you enjoyed my final gift guide. If you have a toddler, share your ideas with me. And if you are a mom yourself, you will love my special post tomorrow featuring several adorable little munchkins. This kicks off toddler week for me. I will be back every day this week, with Vivian in tow, where we both show you some festive outfits. Stay tuned. =)