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(Late) Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes #2.

Back in January I started this brain-dump monthly post, which I would do the third Thursday each month. Well February's Thursday got behind me because I have been so busy. Anyhow, I am back today and letting you know what is on my mind. You can stop reading here if you could care less. I won't be mad. =)

- It was a very crazy windy day. So windy that I cannot even image how Chicago's weather (it is the windy city after all) must have been. We are only 4 hours away from Chicago and usually experience similar weather on the same day. But yeah, Thursday was such a windy day. It didn't start off as bad, but then when I went to grab lunch on my lunch break, despite all the sun and how warm it looked, it was indeed very windy and quite chilly. All these wind chills will lower our temperatures down to about 35 degrees and we are expecting another snow in the next couple of days. I mean I knew Winter wasn't quite over. And to tell you the truth I wanted it to snow at least…