Sunday, December 6, 2015

Red Rose Pumps and a White Vest.

Happy almost-Monday everyone! Yesterday by noon or early afternoon at the latest, I wanted to post my Christmas Home Decor on this blog of mine but so many pictures (since it is really Christmas in every room of our household) and so much editing, plus several hours of work, left me with very little time for a decent post. I promise you, after another outfit featuring Pumps (today's), part one of the Christmas Home Tour is coming! Several of you have expressed interest, so yeah.

Today's Outfit features Gorgeous, Holiday-Perfect, Red Satin Pumps which we will get to, in a little bit. But first, let's talk about this little White Vest. I have wanted a Long (tunic length) Vest for a while now, especially seeing how Kate always styles hers effortlessly. She also recently added a Baby Pink Long Vest which I love. So, about a month I won a giveaway for a Vest (from Znu) via Laura. I was really happy to win and I had a choice between a white, a black and I think a navy vest. I have a couple of black vests (though not a tunic length) so I chose the white I had coveted. Znu is another one of those Chinese websites that sells trendy and other modern pieces for very inexpensive prices. My piece arrived within ten days which is actually fast shipping from such a far away place. But I was so disappointed when I received my vest. Of course, it was only about ten bucks so it is not like I expected the best quality but it looked very little like the picture. The length was what I expected but the material was super thin and flimsy (it looks like a doctor's coat), making the vest looking so cheap (though I managed to dress it up with other well-made pieces from my wardrobe, today). I think if the vest had one single medium-sized or big button or a cute white belt (in a thicker material), a nude lining and a thicker sturdy lining under the rounded collar (for the collar to stay down easily), it would have not been bad. I would have also preferred it a couple of inches longer but the length didn't bother me. I was totally going to do a nice review on this piece had I been satisfied with it but I cannot lie. I stay true to myself and to my readers, always. Even-though I was disappointed with this piece I have seen a few great reviews from other bloggers that have gotten things from Znu before. And the lady who I have been e-mailing back and forth with and whom I openly told about my problem with this vest, has been extremely friendly and helpful. So far I have received great customer service. I was made a VIP customer for a month, which means that I can order a piece for free from them and I hope to have better results, next time. 

I was still able to make this cheap little vest look half-way decent I think. Especially since I added a Wide, Double-Buckle Nude Belt. I paired it with Dark Flared Jeans which fit so well, a Long-Sleeve, Deep-V Collar Blouse in a very light metallic knit and a Sequin-Embellished Camisole peeking from underneath the blouse. I kept in mind that it is the month of sparkles and glow so those two tops make this a little festive. Of course, the Gorgeous Rosette Satin Red Pumps from Payless (yes Payless) totally dress it up as do my matching red lips for which I am wearing my newest red lipstick. I saw almost identical pumps like these from Ivanka Trump, a few months ago, for about 160 bucks. Mine are a few years old though it is only my third time wearing them and they cost less than one-third of the price of the Ivanka Shoes. They are beautiful, make a statement and are both well-made and comfortable, too.

Black Peplum Camisole w/ Silver+Gold Sequin Embellishments: Target (similar, love this), (fun intricate option, best deal, love this), (similar, great deal), (gorgeous option, Splurge, my favorite).