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Red Rose Pumps and a White Vest.

Happy almost-Monday everyone! Yesterday by noon or early afternoon at the latest, I wanted to post my Christmas Home Decor on this blog of mine but so many pictures (since it is really Christmas in every room of our household) and so much editing, plus several hours of work, left me with very little time for a decent post. I promise you, after another outfit featuring Pumps (today's), part one of the Christmas Home Tour is coming! Several of you have expressed interest, so yeah.
Today's Outfit features Gorgeous, Holiday-Perfect, Red Satin Pumps which we will get to, in a little bit. But first, let's talk about this little White Vest. I have wanted a Long (tunic length) Vest for a while now, especially seeing how Kate always styles hers effortlessly. She also recently added a Baby Pink Long Vest which I love. So, about a month I won a giveaway for a Vest (from Znu) via Laura. I was really happy to win and I had a choice between a white, a black and I think a navy vest. I ha…